CANNAJERK™ | Cannabis Jerky

CANNAJERK™ | Cannabis Jerky


The Cannajerk is a high protein, medical snack. It's hand-crafted and made of premium quality, hormone and antibiotic free meats. We've made a commitment to using all natural ingredients, which means absolutely no artificial garbage, and minimal processing. it's the perfect low carb, gluten free, paleo friendly cannabis edible! Have it in-between meals for maximum effect. Allow up to an hour to achieve best results. Our Cannajerky sticks are the ideal edible to be taken with you on-the-go; on hikes, camping, or even long walks on the beach.  So, go ahead. Take it with you!

* 100mg THC

* Paleo friendly

* Gluten Free

* Grass Fed

* Free Range

* Locally sourced meats

* Family Owned Ranchers

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